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Our various free offerings of translations, Tibetan texts, reference works, and so on are free but we require you to log in to our site to get access to them.

To log in, you will need a user name and password.  To obtain a user name and password, you register using the registration section on this page below the login section.  The user name and password will be sent to you immediately by return e-mail.

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These notes are IMPORTANT!  During registration, you will provide us with your name and your e-mail address and we will immediately send a login name and password by e-mail to that address.

You MUST have cookies turned on in your computer or you will not receive the e-mail.

If the address is false, or if it is an address with re-direction, or if you have a spam-blocker or other e-mail handler in place, you will not get the e-mail!

If the e-mail arrives but goes into a spam folder or the like you will think that you did not get the e-mail when in fact you did.

In short, the e-mail is send immediately by an automated system.  If you do not get it, do not write to us but look to find where the e-mail has gone in your own system or look to see what you have put in place that would prevent it from arriving or make sure that cookies are turned on.
Registration does NOT log you in!  Registration provides you with the username and password which you can then use to log in using the form above.
Registration lasts for six months.  After that, simply register again.  You will receive a new user name and password and you will be set up for another six months of access to our site.
If you lose your username and password do not write to us.  Instead, simply register again and you will be sent your username and password again and will receive a new period of six months access.
We never give away e-mail addresses!  However, we will add you to our mailing list and let you know about new translations, new Tibetan texts, and other resources when we make them available.