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Dusum Khyenpa’s Songs and Teachings

Songs and teachings on Mahamudra by the first Karmapa, book by Tony Duff

TitleDusum Khyenpa’s Songs and Teachings
Sub-titleA Variety of Songs and Teachings from the First Karmapa’s Collected Works
AuthorTranslations, biography, and introduction by Tony Duff
Details80 pages, 1 colour plate, 5.5" X 8.5", US$20, available on paper and in PDF e-book format
ISBNpaper book 978-9937-903-14-1, e-book 978-9937-572-20-0
TextsTibetan texts in Tibetan script included

The Collected Works of Dusum Khyenpa, the first Karmapa, consists of about four volumes of texts.  It is very rare, almost non-existent.  We managed to obtain a copy and save it from extinction.  You can obtain a free copy from us at our electronic texts for sale.

Much of Dusum Khyenpa’s Collected Works are taken up with complete sets of teachings on the various yidams of the Kagyu lineage that he received and practised.  However, there is a small section containing eight dohas (spontaneous songs of spiritual realization) sung by Dusum Khyenpa.  There is also a short text that gives the transmission of a specific Mahamudra teaching called “Mahamudra, the Thunderbolt”.  We translated seven of the eight dohas and the Mahamudra teaching and put them together into a small book, for the sake of the many followers of the Karmapa and the Kagyu teachings in general.

As a matter of interest, we were amazed to find a text in Dusum Khyenpa’s Collected Works that gives specific details of how to do the practice called “Dead Entry”, a practice which was supposedly eliminated from the Kagyu transmission because of the dangers involved.  It is often said that the teaching disappeared with Marpa the Translator but this entry in the Collected Works shows that it really was transmitted on through the lineage.

The book contains translations of the following texts:
Mahamudra, The Thunderbolt
Dohas two to nine of the doha collection in the Collected Works
Download Tibetan texts in TibetD format: The entire Collected Works of Dusum Khyenpa with all the texts in this book included is available free on our • Tibetan texts page.


This book is also available in Kindle e-book format.  However, because of the requirements of Kindle books, it has been divided into two volumes:

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