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We have three pieces of news for March and April:

New Macintosh OSX Software
We announced in our last newsletter that we built a completely new reader for our dictionaries for the Mac OSX platfrom.  The first version of the software has now been praised by everyone who has used it.  One user said, “It is a substantial and pleasing leap forward.  It has true Mac look and feel to it”.  It was carefully designed to have the same look and feel as our iOS reader for our dictionaries, so that Apple users as a whole find our OSX and iOS dictionaries easy to use.

Since the initial release of the new reader, we have made many improvements to it which will be available as a free update.  The initial release was only available with our Illuminator Dictionary.  Now it is has been packaged with the other four of our major dictionaries.  We will send out a second newsletter when they are available, in about one week.  For now, you can • purchase the new Mac OSX Reader with the 2014 version of the Illuminator Dictionary in our shop.

New Books
We have published a total of eight new books in this first part of 2014.  All of the books have been published on paper and some on Kindle.  The link for each book will take you to a complete description of and purchase buttons for the book.  If you are in North America, the quickest and cheapest way to purchase any of these books on paper is through Namse Bangdzo and in Europe it is through Wisdom Books in London (who have all of the new books on discount):

A further book with three more of Dza Patrul’s texts on Dzogchen is forthcoming.  This book is particularly interesting for its denial of Bonpo Dzogchen and its record of teachings received from Jigmey Gyalway Nyugu that were given after Jigmey Gyalway Nyugu died (similar to Garab Dorje giving the Three Lines teaching after he died).  More information about this very interesting book is • available here.

Reduced prices on some dictionaries

We have lowered the prices on some of the dictionaries we sell.  Prices of all of our dictionaries with purchase links • can be found here.

In particular we have substantially lowered the price on our revised edition of the famous Tshigdzo Chenmo dictionary.  A number of people have said that they do not want to purchase our version of this dictionary for the simple reason that many free versions of it exist.  There is a general lack of understanding about the free editions. In fact, all of them derive from a single, very sloppy work done many years ago in which the Tibetan of the dictionary was transcribed into Wylie transliteration.  Since then it has been copied and used by many people, and always with all of the many mistakes and omissions in the original transliteration still present.  Deeply bothered by this, we made our own edition. It was input by us and edited for two full years by professional Tibetan editors to ensure total accuracy.  Moreover, we carefully removed the Chinese from the original to make a new, revised edition that would be of maximum value to those interested only in the Tibetan aspect of the dictionary.  Our dictionary is not free, but it is truly reliable and even better than the original, something which cannot be said for any of the free versions in use today.

The dictionary in general is a higher level product not useful to beginners.  However, our thoroughly revised edition really is a must-have for all serious students of the Tibetan language.

Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Christopher Duff, Manager,
Tamash Agocsh, Translator
Padma Karpo Translation Committee

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