Padma Karpo Translation Committee
Gelugpa and Kadampa Texts

1. A Complete Commentary on Great Stages of the Path composed by Tony Duff
Lord Tsongkhapa, author of the text
PDF As a Buddhist monk in Australia, Tony heard complete explanations of Tsongkhapa’s work on many occassions from the abbott of the monastery, Geshe Thubten Lodan.  Tony then spent two years writing a massive commentary on the work.  Tony used the outlines to the text, as mentioned above, as a framework for the commentary, making the commentary easy to follow and Tsongkhapa’s text even more available.  The work was originally published in Australia in the late 1970’s.  The work was so well regarded that it was later republished on one occassion and even plagiarized and sold for profit after that (the story is included in a preface included with the electronic edition).  The entire work is given here in typeset book form, containing nearly 600 pages of well-laid out, fine explanations of Tsongkhapa’s text, from beginning to end.  The work, which is in PDF form, is fully typeset and could be printed and bound for your own use as a book or can be read electronically as provided.

The complete commentary is coming but not available yet.  If you would like to hear when it is available, please contact us by e-mail using the contact link on the menu and ask to be on our mailing list.

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2. Contemplation by way of the Twelve Interdependent Links, an excerpt from the Great Stages of the Path translated by Tony Duff

PDF The large commentary is a general commentary on the whole text.  The text is divided into three parts; the paths of the beings of lesser, middling, and greater scope.  The path of the being of middling scope focusses on developing renunciation towards cyclic existence.  It does this in two ways and the section on the middling being is accordingly divided into two parts: renunciation developed according to the shravaka’s style of understanding the sufferings of cyclic existence and renunciation developed according to the pratyekabuddha’s style of fully comprehending development of cyclic existence, which occurs through interdependent origination.  Tsongkhapa’s treatment of interdependent origination in this context is very famous for its detail and completeness.  Accordingly, we have translated this section of the Great Stages of the Path carefully and made it available as a free text.  Includes Tibetan text.

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